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Dave Fleming - Portfolio

Transdisciplinary Innovation

It was probably only a matter of time before I would cross paths with the people who are trained in and participate in this cross-disciplinary approach to solving complex social issues. I have done a lot of work attempting to bring together the right people to collaborate on an online portal that would act as a library for organizations looking to implement successful social service solutions models. Easier said than done, and if interested, please reach out to me
To those ends, I have completed some preliminary pilot studies to discover what it would take to replicate these models. Significant barriers were discovered, barriers that could adversely affect the organization being studied. And this is exactly where Transdisciplinary Innovation comes in, opening up new ways to consider the holistic collaboration required to explore plausible, sustainable solutions.
To get a better understanding of what Transdiciplany Innovation, here is a quote from Dr  Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer, published in an article on LinkedInTransdisciplinary Innovation and Design
"Transdisciplinary research and innovation is about the practices that are required to address complex societal problems. There are many definitions of transdisciplinary research and innovation and how to do it, but a general consensus is that it has the following characteristics:
  • It is action-oriented, focussing on addressing real-world complex issues but also forms of practical, local and personal knowledge.
  • It is participatory, considering not only scientific or academic
  • It is continuously evolving in the “pursuit of a common system purpose.” (Jantsch, 1972)
  • It transforms and transcends individual disciplines
  • It is holistic, building an understanding of whole systems and their complexity
  • It (empowers us to build) a deeper understanding of a common human and social purpose to direct our efforts, by bringing values and norms into play (Jantsch, 1972)"
As I continue to innovate in technology, I'll be working on new social service solutions using Transdisciplinary Innovation insights and consulting. I will be reaching out to people through my LinkedIn network and beyond, looking for anyone that might be interested in participating in trying to expand and improve social service solutions.   
  1. Free Psychological Counseling Services
    What can we learn from the Walk-In Counseling Center, an organization that has been successfully providing services for almost a half a century? Where and how can it be informed by the digital revolution?

  2. Innovative Process and Tools: The Integrated Experience Matrix (X Matrix)    xmatrix
    Developing progressive tools that can help us better understand the intersections of human-centered design and the integrated systems that are supposed to serve us, is a critical part of my evolving field of research. To learn more about this tool, please call us for a free consultation.     
  3. Improving Online Accessibility for People With Disabilities
    Using A11y Open Source solutions, PWD persona studies, Transdisciplinary Innovation, and human-centered design, how can we improve closed caption access, carousel content, and A11y video capabilities?
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