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Working from Home

Content Creation

This video was originally created in about 15 min, using AI generated text, combined with text and video revisions I made later. After downloading it, I used Final Cut Pro to edit two small tweaks. Ultimately, fighting against climate change should become an effort we can all get behind.


The web design for this nonprofit organization includes the full circle of UX design and content creation.


Thematically, this film explores the areas of AI that could be aligned with nonviolence and universal love. It was co-created with AI informed by my script, and then uploaded to an AI video app. The next steps were editing the video and images used by AI, and the final edits were done in Final Cut Pro. 

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To avoid the mistakes that led people into the senseless wars and genocide that took place when Europeans took over America, it's essential to understand the ecosystem of propaganda that got us there and keeps us there. 

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Discovering what marketing channel works best will help you pull it all together. Content Strategy is essential in giving you the ability to discover how to refine the strongest channel for your messaging.

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With the appropriate research methodology,we can confidently help you craft vibrant messaging that will reach and impress your customers.

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